Our team

The journey of Hearts Want continues. We’re now in the early development stage of bringing the full length feature version of Hearts Want.

Stay tuned for more updates on the feature development!

The Hearts Want journey began with the short film… and it was made by an outstanding team of Minnesota filmmakers and cast.

FULL CREDITS (as it appears on IMDb page)

  • Director: Jason P. Schumacher
  • Writer: Ruth Maramis
  • Executive Producers
    Ruth Maramis
    Ivan Maramis
  • Producers
    Kirsten Gregerson
    Joanne Liebeler
  • Cast:
    Lily – Sam Simmons
    Jacques – Peter Christian Hansen
    Understudy – Noah Gillett
    Martin’s voice – David Coral
  • Director of Photography: Ben Enke
  • Composer: Charlie McCarron
  • Art Director: Cheri Anderson
  • Sound Department: Nick Christopulos
  • Assistant Director: Vanessa Magowan Horrocks
  • Casting Director: Kirsten Gregerson
  • Makeup: Petra Riedel
  • Wardrobe Supervisor: Caroline Sebastian
  • Camera operator: Jay Ness
  • Assistant Camera/Editor: Tim Schrader
  • Gaffer: Billy Straub
  • Production Assistants
    Ellie Drews
    Kirstie House